فيوتشر بوند futurbond future bond

Cladding Al Dhahyan Fire-Resistant Factory Aluminum Panels (Future Bond), which is known as ACP or cladding as it is common in the contracting market, is two thin strips of aluminum with a plastic filling between them or other chemicals.
Cladding Future Bond is a Saudi product that was manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the latest technologies and the highest specifications. It is a product intended for export to the sister country of Yemen.
Cladding is often used in building facade cladding, interior decoration, commercial billboards and in the fields of advertising, and we offer a twenty-year guarantee on our products.

product specification:

:FUTUREBOND (normal – for export – Yemen)

.ACP Thickness: 4mm

.Top coil thickness: 0.40 / 0.40 mm

.Bottom coil Thickness: 0.40 / 0.40 mm

.Core: low density polyethylene core

.Coating: PVDF / HDPE

.Area Density: 5.5 kg/m²

.Standard Size:   1240mm width and 5800 mm length

.1240 mm width and 2440 mm length/